Premium Series 2019 Toronto Raptors Men's Basketball Word Championship Ring, New Special Edition


To Commemorate Kobe Bryant, 2020 Basketball Super Star Kobe Bryant Championship Ring

Premium Series NBA 2023 Denver Nuggets Men's Basketball Word Championship Ring, New Special Edition

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Premium Series NBA 2023 Denver Nuggets Men's Basketball Word Championship Ring, New Special Edition

The ring features two brand-new never-before-seen element. At the lever at the top of the ring, it changes the background of the ring along with key dates in the Nuggets history. Arasheben explained, “The face of the ring, for the first time in ring history, is interchangeable. Meaning you can change the color with just a switch of a lever. We have a lever that goes from 1967, the team’s inception, to 2023, the championship year. Once you switch it over, it goes from blue sapphires to white diamonds on the face of the ring.” The other feature sees a retractable compartment that unveils the official 2023 Denver Nuggets Championship banner.

Premium Series NBA 2023 Denver Nuggets Men's Basketball Word Championship Ring, New Special Edition

Material: You can choose material to get this ring in copper, silver, or yellow gold

Size: Standard US size from size 8 to size 15 (some rare size need about some extra days to make)
high grade studded AAA CZ on top

All Stones are prong set by our skilled workers, not glued

Deep Sharp engraving and 3 D letters.

All Details Are Clear to See

Solid ring, very heavy

Weight: about 100 to 120 grams, around 320 to 360 grams with packing

Packing: Luxury Wooden Gift box

Custom service: Customize service is available for this ring, we can put your name and number on the ring to make your championship ring personalized, if you want this custom service, please put your name and number on the Column when you made the purchase

Unveiling the Elegance: 2023 Denver Nuggets Championship Ring with Retractable Marvel

Dive into the world of extraordinary craftsmanship with our exclusive 2023 Denver Nuggets Championship Ring – a dazzling symbol of victory that transcends tradition. Celebrating the Nuggets' triumphant journey to glory, this masterpiece of design and innovation is more than a championship ring; it's a testament to excellence.

Hidden Marvel: Retractable Compartment Design At the heart of this championship ring lies a unique and captivating secret – a hidden retractable compartment. This innovative feature adds a touch of mystery and personalization, allowing you to carry a cherished keepsake or a meaningful token of your choice. The concealed compartment design is a groundbreaking addition, setting this ring apart from the ordinary and making it a true collector's item.

Unparalleled Quality: Top-Notch 3D Design and Deep Engraving Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our championship rings stand as a testament to quality and precision. The 3D design ensures a lifelike representation of the Denver Nuggets' iconic logo and the championship details. Deep engraving further accentuates every curve, capturing the essence of the team's historic win with unparalleled clarity and depth.

Prongset Stones: Sparkling Brilliance in Every Detail Embellished with carefully prongset stones, our championship rings sparkle with unparalleled brilliance. Each stone is meticulously placed, ensuring a secure setting that radiates the vibrancy of victory. From the shimmering team colors to the championship year, every detail is brought to life with an exceptional display of precision and craftsmanship.

Crystal-Clear Details: Showcasing Your Triumph We take pride in ensuring that every element of our championship rings tells a vivid story of triumph. All details, from the player's jersey number to the championship trophy, are intricately captured and displayed with crystal-clear precision. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each ring is not just a memento but a work of art that vividly recounts the Denver Nuggets' historic victory in 2023.

In conclusion, our 2023 Denver Nuggets Championship Ring with a hidden retractable compartment stands as a shining example of innovation and superior craftsmanship. From top-quality 3D design and deep engraving to prongset stones and clear details, this ring is a celebration of victory that transcends time. Own a piece of history and revel in the glory of the Denver Nuggets' championship with a ring that symbolizes the pinnacle of success.

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All our rings are 1:1 duplicated from the original ring, our rings are solid not hollow back, very heavy, 3D design, deep engraving, all details on the ring are very clear to see! All stones on the ring are prongset, not glued! All rings are handmade by our experienced jewellers!

All pics we listed on our site are taken from our real ring, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU WILL GET, BUY IN CONFIDENT!

Material We Use On the Ring

Metal Base: We can use the ring of the following material as the metal base:

1)Copper (It will be solid copper with yellow/white gold plating layer)

2)925 Sterling Silver ( It will be solid 925 sterling silver, real silver, 925 stamps engraved inside the ring)

3)10K/14K Gold ( It will be solid real gold,  10K or 14K will be stamped inside)

Stones on the ring:

All Czs we use on the ring are top grade AAA cz!

we can make the real with real gemstone or diamonds with extra cost! only make top quality championship rings, we never ever make cheap championship rings!